Earn Passive Income with Bitcoin: How to Live the Crypto Dream

• Bitcoiners have a low adoption rate of only .01%.
• In order to fund the new system, people need to opt out of the fiat currency.
• The author is trying to get people to understand Bitcoin and its benefits.

Bitcoin Adoption Rate is Low

The current adoption rate of Bitcoin by users stands at a mere 0.01%, according to an analysis done by @CroesusSource. This means that out of 2.2 billion total people, only 250,000 hold 50% or more of their net worth in bitcoin.

Voting with Money

In order for our new system to work, we need to fund it by defunding fiat currency. To do this, people need to be given the opportunity to vote with their money and opt out from using traditional currencies.

Understanding Bitcoin

For people to vote with their money and choose bitcoin over fiat currencies, they first need to understand what bitcoin is and how it works. The author believes that if more people understood the benefits of bitcoin, then more would take part in voting with their money and choose bitcoin over other forms of currency.

Origin Story

The author reflects back on when he first reached ‘escape velocity’ into his blue ocean journey as a Bitcoiner without being able to remember how he used view the world before he was one himself. He now sees everything related back to Bitcoin and wants other non-Bitcoiners close him him join him in this journey so they can experience its full potential when the old system collapses.

Force Pilling

The author starts by trying tell those closest around him about his epiphany hoping that they will see what he sees but ultimately does not reach anyone else beyond these few individuals due either lack of understanding or belief in Bitcoin as a viable alternative form of payment/currency exchange system compared to fiat currencies currently being used around the world.