Gain Financial Sovereignty: Step Up Your Bitcoin Game!

• Bitcoin-focused educator and advocate Anita Posch emphasizes the importance of self custody and using non-custodial wallets in order to achieve financial sovereignty.
• Through a test in rural Zimbabwe, she determined that users are resistant to change their habits and need to understand the difference between custodial vs. non-custodial services before they can make an informed decision.
• It is up to educators like Posch to teach people about self custody, why it is important, and the pros and cons of different tools so they can choose what works best for them.

The Importance of Self Custody

Bitcoin educator Anita Posch has dedicated her work to helping people take their first steps into the space and gain an understanding of why Bitcoin is important for them personally and for the world at large. The focus lies on financial sovereignty, which requires holding bitcoin in self custody and using additional tools to reach a decent level of privacy.

Lightning Wallet Test

In order to find out if it was time to onboard people onto a non-custodial Lightning wallet even in difficult settings, Posch tested one such wallet in rural Zimbabwe with low and erratic internet connectivity on mobile data.

Resistance To Change Habits

Posch found that users are resistant to changing their habits when it comes to storing bitcoin, believing that they don’t need any changes if they have not experienced any problems yet with custodial services. It is up to educators like Posch then, to teach people about self custody, why it is important, and all the pros/cons of different tools so that people can make an informed decision as well as be aware of risks associated with custodial wallets.

Educators Responsibility

As a Bitcoin educator, it’s Posch’s responsibility then not only explain these concepts but also show users how they work in practice so that no one holds her responsible for any losses incurred due use of custodial services or wrong decisions made by uninformed users.


Achieving financial sovereignty through self custody requires effort from both educators as well as users who must learn anew how use Bitcoin responsibly without relying on custodial services. Educators must do their best o ensure that all those learning about Bitcoin understand its importance so that they may make informed decisions when managing funds online or offline safely while staying secure from potential rug pulls or other risks associated with custodial services.