Play Chess and Get Bitcoin: VIKER & ZEBEDEE Launch New Games

• VIKER and ZEBEDEE have released two new Bitcoin-powered games, Bitcoin Chess and Bitcoin Scratch.
• Players can earn small amounts of money for playing the games, as VIKER will split their earnings with players.
• Ben Cousens from ZEBEDEE states that their goal is to make the experience fun for everyone, not just those interested in Bitcoin.

VIKER and ZEBEDEE Launch Two New Bitcoin-Powered Games

VIKER and ZEBEDEE have announced the launch of two additional games in their repertoire of Bitcoin titles: Bitcoin Chess (iOS and Android) and Bitcoin Scratch (iOS and Android). These mobile games are powered by a bitcoin-powered payment processing system designed specifically for the gaming industry.

How It Works

Players receive a revenue share from the game, meaning VIKER splits what they’re earning from the game with the player. This creates a more engaging experience for players, leading to better retention and ultimately makes the game more profitable, despite the revenue share. Players earn a few cents per session which is what makes this concept sustainable.

Why Work With ZEBEDEE?

Dan Beasley, co-founder of VIKER stated that implementing rewards with ZEBEDEE’s platform isn’t about players earning money but rather creating an interesting and fun experience. Ben Cousens, Chief Strategy Officer at Zebedee explained that these games have a massive global audience that mostly doesn’t care about Bitcoin so they aren’t asking them to learn or use it; setting up an account on their platform is easy.

What’s Next For The Companies?

The two gaming firms are already silently preparing for their next launch which promises to be “even more impactful” as they will be adding the first very well-known franchise to their portfolio.


VIKER and Zebedee are offering players unique opportunities to win small amounts of money while playing fun bitcoin-powered mobile games such as Sudoku, Solitaire, Chess, Scratch cards & more! They are also working on something big; adding a well-known franchise to their portfolio – stay tuned!